Graduate StoriesArmin Hies

"César Ritz Colleges got me to see all angles of hotel operations and raised my interest to find out more."

Graduation Year

Hotel Manager Aloft Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany

Country / Region

"My decision to study hospitality was based on my passion for the industry, which I still carry with me. I love the buzz in the industry and the fact that you can move around the world and have close contact with people. Every job I have worked in has brought a new opportunity in an exciting environment, one that I had to learn and adjust to, being it people, languages, cultures and environmental challenges.

My studies at César Ritz Colleges, opened my mind to all related hospitality fields, got me to see all angles of hotel operations and raised my interest to find out more. I learned about the serious nature of the industry and got a grounding in what was expected, and with this had a solid foundation for my future.

After graduating from César Ritz Colleges, I made the most of the international nature of the business and forged my career in Asia, where I finished as the Hotel Manager of the Kempinski Hotel, Beijing. It was a challenging role where I was responsible for a hotel with 526 rooms, 5 restaurants, 170 apartments and 131 offices! I have been given amazing opportunities in my career and at a relatively young age I was already managing hotels and taking sole responsibility for multi-million dollar properties.

In 2013, I returned to my home country Germany, where I worked as Hotel Manager for Penta Hotels in Leipzig. In 2015 I opened the first Aloft hotel in Germany in Stuttgart where I currently work as the Hotel Manager.

I would tell any student considering studying hospitality that in order to succeed in this industry they should be curious, open-minded, active, people-focused, passionate, hands-on and driven by quality. These qualities form the basis of my professional philosophy – passion, people and common sense."

Updated 2015