AlumniHow to establish (and maintain) great business relationships

Angelica Suraga’s interest in hospitality and passion to work with people was discovered in early childhood. Today, as the Director of International Meeting and Event Sales with Scandic Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, the César Ritz Colleges Alumna’s dreams of succeeding in the hospitality industry are coming true!

What started your interest in hospitality?
The original motivation for entering the hospitality business was inspired by my father’s central café in Stockholm. Growing up in the business was what gave me the original push to send my application to César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland.


“The happiness of being able to deliver a high level of service that was appreciated was everything for me.”


What was the best part of your education?
The best part of the programme at César Ritz Colleges was the experience of working with different cultures and creating friendships with people from all parts of the world. It was also great to be surrounded by people who were as passionate about the industry as I was. Additionally, the instructors brought extensive knowledge and experience to the classroom that they shared with us. I really appreciated this.

Your current job as Director of International Meeting and Event Sales opens up opportunities to travel and work with customers from around the world. What qualities do you think are important for leaders in the industry?
If you look at people in leadership positions, all of them work hard and with passion. The road to success is not always easy, to succeed you need to have patience and be able to stay motivated even through challenging times.

What is the best thing about this industry?


“The best thing about the hospitality industry is that it is constantly changing and every day brings new challenges. What drives me are these challenges and the opportunities the industry offers.”


What role does your network play in your success?
A strong network allows me to have the support I need to be able to grow in my role. You have to take advantage of the opportunities when you can and always consider how your networks can help you climb.

How do you in return, take care of your network?
A good relationship goes both ways, meaning it must be mutually beneficial. You need to nurture your relationships to help them grow, strengthen and develop.


“Always remember…if you water your garden, it will most likely flourish!”

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