AlumniEmpowering young women through hospitality education in Africa

Terry is passing on the skills she learned at César Ritz Colleges to the next generation of young women in Kigali, Rwanda.

Working as a teacher at The Akilah Institute for Women, César Ritz Colleges alumnus Terry Kibui leads hospitality management courses with the aim of empowering young women in East Africa through a market-relevant education that equips them to be economically independent and leaders in the workplace.


“I think hospitality training is useful to anyone as the skills you gain are valuable and transferable, regardless of the career path you choose in life.”


What hospitality principles do you take from your days at César Ritz Colleges and share with your students in East Africa?
The hospitality principles that make up the cornerstone of hospitality education range from professional leadership, practical innovation and dependable quality. César Ritz Colleges enjoys a long tradition of educating future leaders in hospitality and carries a reputation for educational excellence. These principles are the foundation for the enviable reputation of hospitality that I share with my students in East Africa.

What advice do you give your students looking to enter the hospitality field?
First, I encourage my students to keep themselves open to different experiences and to be on the lookout for various opportunities that present themselves. It is sometimes easy to set tunnel vision and this could cause one to miss out on valuable experiences. Second, I always tell them to never stop learning.

Why did you choose to study in Switzerland?
Switzerland, and in particular César Ritz Colleges, offers you the very best in education and lifestyle. It is the ideal place for international students and is renowned for its high quality of life and reputation as the birthplace of hospitality. Without a doubt, I saw Switzerland as the place that has the best conditions to study hospitality and tourism management.

What has been your proudest professional moment?
My proudest moment is being able to inspire my students and being told by my students that I am a role model to them. I also enjoy every time I meet the alumni and learn that they are excelling in their positions in the industry.

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