Certificate in Wine Business Management

Certificate in Wine Business Management 

Wine Business Management: 2 week courses

Perfect your wine skills with a broad range of 2 week courses, including wine entrepreneurship and sustainable sourcing, hosted at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland's Brig Campus in the heart of the Valais region.


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Certificate in Wine Business Management
Certificate in Wine Business Management
Certificate in Wine Business Management

Wine Certificate

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is the only establishment in the region to provide official accreditation from the world-renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). For students wishing to stay on campus, benefit from the top ranked hospitality school's facilities and dining options. 

To ensure a rounded experience, alongside many wine tasting sesions, virtual reality will bring students to the heart of the vineyards and expert lecturers bring their experience to the classroom. A weekly masterclass will also be included on a variety of topics. Recent classes included: Swiss technology (drones for wines), Cigar and Wine pairings. 

The course is comprised of six modules, each spanning two weeks:

  1. Learning to Become a Taste Expert: WSET Levels 1 & 2 
  2. Wine and Food Pairing
  3. Building a Brand & Women in Wine
  4. Starting a Wine Business
  5. Wine Commerce, Marketing, and Wine Tourism
  6. Sustainable Sourcing

Modules can be taken separately, and all modules need to be completed to earn a Certificate in Wine Business Management. 

  • Fortnightly field trips to local wine producers throughout Switzerland are included in the course fees. 
  • Optional European field trips will also be available (at an additional cost). 




12 Week Certificate

Food and Beverage Management

6 x 2 week courses

Each course lasts 2 weeks

  • Learning to Become a Taste Expert: WSET Levels 1 & 2
    • Students will learn to cultivate an analytic mindset about wine tasting, develop a rich vocabulary to be able to describe wines and be involved in tastings, blind tasting and theory. Students will also learn from an expert in biodynamic, organic and natural wines. 
      Excursion: Wine producer
      Guest Speaker: WSET Expert
  • Wine and Food Pairing
    • Students will pair food with wine and other beverages to train their palate and successfully match food with wine. They will also use their creativity to explore different pairing possibilities. Students will also learn how to pair vintage wine with food (and how to cook for vintage wine), contemporary pairings and more. 
      Excursion: Visit to Le Bouveret for a wine-food pairing session at Apicius
      Guest Speaker: Sommelier
  • Building a Brand & Women in Wine
    • Students will establish their own brand concept and learn from other industries such as the beer, champagne and the coffee market to understand how other beverages create their marketing campaigns to apply them to the wines.  Students will also hear from women wine entrepreneurs. 
      Excursion: Day at winery
      Guest Speaker: Digital communication in wines
  • Starting a Wine Business
    • Students will be exposed to key aspects of the wine business, such as setting up a business plan for a small scale winery including marketing and sales strategies. Students will be given the tools to manage wine-based hospitality facilities and create innovation in wine business models. 
      Excursion: Visit of a successful wine enterprise
      Guest Speaker: Winery Operations and Management: Design of wineries
  • Wine Commerce, Marketing, and wine Tourism
    • Students will learn about wine auction, wine commerce and channels, how to invest in wines, the economic and social impacts of the wine business, how to obtain license for importing, exporting and distributing wines. Students will also learn about how to market a wine business but also learned about specialty products such as extra old vintage wine.
      Excursion: Tourism - How the region is attracting wine enthusiasts
      Guest Speaker: How to start your business: do's and don'ts
  • Sustainable Sourcing
    • Students will learn and discuss about the sustainable future for wines, such as transportation, organic wines, blockchain and cloud-based procurement and how it helps to fight the wine fraud. Students will work on a project to develop sustainable wine production to distribution in key emerging markets of today. 
      Excursion: Organic wine producer
      Guest Speaker: Head of Sustainable Procurement at Accor Hotels (Online)

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