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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland: Your hotel school

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
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Hospitality, tourism and business on 3 campuses in Switzerland: César Ritz Colleges is inspired by the pioneer of luxury hotels, Mr César Ritz.

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
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From Bachelor degree to Master programmes, all your hotel management studies in Switzerland with César Ritz Colleges! Based in Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig, right in the heart of Europe.

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Hotel management graduates hold prestigious jobs and positions around the globe. Our school will kick-start your successful career!

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
Learn From the Pioneer of Luxury Hospitality

Swiss hospitality traditions combined with a top business management education; this is your life as a student of César Ritz Colleges.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Student Services

Helping you make the most of student life in Switzerland.

Student Services

When you join a Swiss Education Group school, you will become a part of a bigger family. Whether you find yourself far from home for the first time, or if you need a bit of friendly academic advice, we make sure there is always some you can talk to.

Long Zhou - Cultural Integration Services

Cultural Integration Services

With over 110 nationalities on our campuses, our Cultural Integration Services provide useful information and practical advice to help you adapt and thrive during your time in Switzerland. Available to all of our students across our 7 campuses, our goal is to make your time in Switzerland as enjoyable as possible!

To learn more about this service, read our interview with Mr. Zhou here

To find out more, you can also contact Mr. Zhou directly:
+ 41 76 511 30 22


John Daly - Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling

Our Academic Counselling services provide guidance to all Swiss Education Group students who are considering the next step in their education. With up to 15 different postgraduate offers (diploma and master level) offered at 5 of our Swiss campuses, this service will help current students find their perfect fit.

To find out more, please contact Mr. Daly directly:
+ 41 79 103 70 77