Practical <em> teaching</em>

Real life learning at César Ritz Colleges

Practical Teaching

Real-life learning

Learn by doing

At César Ritz Colleges, we want students to be engaged in their learning and this is why we ensure our classes involve real-life examples. The activities are complementary to the lectures, and are meant to enhance the learning of students with concrete examples and hands-on learning.

Learning through an innovative approach

César Ritz. Students working with virtual reality in wines

Virtual reality in wines

Maybe we can't take you on a trip to Napa Valley, but we can take you there with virtual reality and tasting! A pedagogical approach to visualize something that can't be touched. Our wine educator organizes virtual tour and tastings of far away places.

César Ritz students in the shoes of a third aged citizen

Through the eyes and body of an elderly person

With life expectancy continuing to grow, the hospitality industry has quickly adapted to this new segmentation. We put our BA students to the test by placing them in the shoes of a senior citizen and making them wear a heavy suit that creates an elderly-like feeling to the body. This guarantees an all-round understanding of senior living's needs and our students can be fully prepared to provide the best service for this specific type of customer.

An ethical approach to business

UN Certified students

UN Certificate

Corruption comes in all shapes and forms, and happens everywhere. It is important to have the tools to spot it in order to speak up. By successfully completing a "Doing Business Without Bribery" course, you'll earn a certificate from the UN.

César Ritz. Harvard business simulation

Harvard Business Simulation

For a true understanding of ethical decision-making, we believe that real-life scenarios are key. We'll give you the chance to participate in a competitive simulation that prompts you make the right decisions for a long-standing and positive impact. The simulation puts you in charge of an entire country, so that you'll be the one making the call during stressful scenarios to keep the nation afloat.


Soap making

Make your own soap with a local artisan in a nearby town in France. You'll learn about eco-friendly alternatives and how to build a narrative around products.

Create your own fragrance
Beekeeping and harvesting honey
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A mind that is challenged by a new experience can never return to its original perspective.

Sylvana Navarro

Assistant Dean

Sylvana Navarro
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