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40th Anniversary Alumni Reunion - September, 3rd 2022

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With 35 chapters and over 12'000 alumni members, our graduates have access to one of the largest hospitality alumni networks in the world.

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As an alumni-driven organization, we strongly believe that the success of our institutions lies in the collective efforts of our passionate graduates. 

Our alumni network is an invaluable asset that brings together a diverse community of professionals from various fields and industries. Our Chapter Presidents play a vital role in fostering a strong sense of camaraderie, encouraging professional growth, and cultivating a spirit of giving back to the the community at large.

Dary Sarwono CAAS alumni

Dary Hutomo Sarwono

Culinary Arts Academy, 2015

Industry - Hospitality

Country - Indonesia


Monique Yong

Monique Yong

IHTTI, 1997

Industry - Healthcare

Country - Malaysia


Akanksha Garg

Akanksha Garg

IHTTI, 2007

Industry - Hospitality

Country - India


Jennifer Mucha

Jennifer Mucha

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2008

Industry - Aviation

Country - Canada

Jenny Tu

Jenny Tu

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2011

Industry - Music 

Country - Taiwan 


Ruta Trinder

Ruta Trinder

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2006 & HIM 2007

Industry - Customer Services 

Country - United Kingdom

Kelvin Chung

Kelvin Chung

HIM, 2005

Industry - Arts & Culture 

Country - Singapore

Ayhan Cöner

Ayhan Cöner

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Industry - Hospitality

Country  - Turkey


Azam Ismael

Azam Ismail

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 1999

Industry - Tourism

Country - Canada


Evan Chiu

Evan Chiu

César ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2001

Industry - Hospitality

Country - Hong kong & Macau

Johnny Tuan - chapter president

Nguyen Minh Tuan (Johnny)

Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland - 2008

Industry - Education

Country - Vietnam 

Jordi Mias Morell

Jordi Mias Morell

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2000

Industry - Hospitality

Country - Spain 

Lyudmyla Petruk

Lyudmyla Petruk

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2007

Industry - Hospitality 

Country - Ukraine

Reni Dimitrova

Reni Dimitrova

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2007

Industry - IT 

Country - Bulgaria

Marinella Ricciardello

Marinella Ricciardello

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 1989

Industry - Hospitality 

Country - Italy 

Shadi Saman

Shadi Saman

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2001

Industry - Hospitality

Country - United States

Soravich Taifayongvichit

Soravich Taifayongvichit

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2019

Industry - Women's health and Healthcare

Country - Thailand 

Stephen Nugnis

Stephen Nugnis

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 1995

Industry - NGO

Country - Germany 


Tine Brodnjak

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, 2002

Industry - Agriculture & Wine making 

Country - Slovenia

Mariangela Panayiotou HIM Alumni

Mariangela Panayiotou

HIM, 1995

Industry - Beauty 

Country - Cyprus 

Alumni Chapter President - Philippe Abou Jaoude

Philippe Abou Jaoude

Cesar Ritz Colleges 2002

Industry - Food & Beverage Restaurant Business

Country - Lebanon

Alumni Chapter President - Samer Mushahwar

Samer Mushahwar

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2019

Industry - Importing And Distributing company HoReCa & FMCG 

Country - Jordan

Anton Obukh Alumni chapter president

Anton Obukh

Cesar Ritz Colleges, 2012

Industry - Hospitality and Tourism

Country - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Lubaba AlSawwaf alumni chapter president

Lubaba AlSawwaf

Culinary Arts Academy, 2024

Industry - Food & Beverage and Culinary Instructor

Country - Saudi Arabia

Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey - Alumni Chapter president

Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2018

Industry - Education and Hospitality

Country - Ghana

William Ndoto Alumni Chapter president

William Ndoto

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2005

Industry - Hospitality

Country - Kenya

Yulia Porozova

Yulia Porozova

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2010

Industry - Business Formation 

Country - Qatar

Caroline Farag Mikhail Greiss SHMS Alumni

Caroline Farag Mikhail Greiss

Swiss Hotel Management School, 2015

Industry - Hospitality

Country - Egypt

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