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student life

Student life

Life in Switzerland

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland promises the most cultural and convenient destinations for those who want to experience the country and beyond.


Culture & Travel

Its central location allows the ease of visiting neighboring countries such as France, Italy, Germany, or Monaco, within just a few hours. However, traveling in Switzerland, which possesses some of the most modern, clean, safe, and predictable transport in all of Europe, is not to be overlooked. Why not take a panoramic train through the alps while enjoying fondue and visit the Swiss Alps, glaciers, transparent lakes, and historic villages. Whether you are someone active or a homebody - students can enjoy endless adventures all year-round.

Swiss culture

The campuses are located in the French and German-speaking region of Switzerland. Languages are one of the most exciting aspects of Swiss culture. Home to four national languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansch, the country is accustomed to foreign languages, and language barriers are hardly a problem. English, although the unofficial fifth language, is commonly spoken throughout the country.

Switzerland is a melting pot of cultures and integrates various neighboring countries' traits, which gives its own distinguishable culture. The Swiss are commonly known for their shy, friendly, and polite ways. Punctual, clean, discreet, and organized are the traits that best represent the Swiss people.Through their craftsmanship and culinary skills, Swiss are known for some of the best chocolate, cheese, and watch craftsmanship in the world.

Swiss tradition
Touristic Spots

Brig is found in the Valais canton/region, home to the famous Matterhorn mountain and the North Rhône river valley. The region offers breathtaking spots, such as the Stockalper Palace and the Tourbillon Castle. Brig's surroundings offer the perfect variety of both thrilling and relaxing activities. A train ride away from skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and hot springs, Brig promises to keep all visitors busy and excited all year long.

Le Bouveret is home to one of the country's most iconic excursions. Swiss Vapeur Parc, a 17000 m2 open park with a miniature train ride excursion, welcomes guests to embark on Switzerland's historical journey. The town's outskirts offer exclusive access to a scenic hike to the Alpine mountain of Grammont, a must for any nature enthusiast.

Touristic Spots
Events / Concerts / Festivals

Brig's well-known and distinctive events have given locals and tourists a destination that offers genuinely unique and memorable events. The Women's Voice Festival, Cordon-Bleu Festival, and Carnival Evolène are a few of the many yearly events offered solely in the region, promising unforgettable moments that can last a lifetime.

Le Bouveret becomes an attractive destination for all of Switzerland during the summer. Its lakeside location thrills the country with extreme water sports events, weekly concerts, and the open lakeside market. In June, the International Steam Festival is accompanied by an international toy market with more than 100 exhibitors. During the winter, the serene town brings life to the lake riviera by hosting the decorative Christmas Market.

Events, concerts, festivals
Travel abroad

Switzerland's centralized location makes it easy to travel to the most exciting and charming countries in Europe. A train ride away from one of the nearest airports, Geneva or Zurich, almost any European destination is just a few hours away. 

Travel abroad


City & Campus Life

Campus life

The Student Ambassador Forum organizes a different event each Friday. Culture feasts, student bars, and themed nights are some of the weekly events our students look forward to on campus. We also organize seasonal sports days for students to compete both internally and externally. 

Campus life

Our Brig and Le Bouveret campuses both have nightclubs.

Day time activities

Brig offers an outdoor fields that hosts: Football, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Brig also has the advantage of being located in the mountains, giving our students the possibility to go skiing, hiking, or mountain biking on the weekends. Brig also has one of the largest wellness centers in its region, Olympica Wellness Oasis, suitable for anyone wishing to disconnect and relax after a period of hard work.  

Le Bouveret is the perfect town to enjoy a proper Swiss summer. Standing by the shores of Lac Leman, activities ranging from banana boats to water skiing promise to keep our students entertained all summer long. Also, Le Bouveret is home to one of Switzerland's favorite water parks. For wintertime activities, the town's region offers 2000 kilometers for skiing, sledding, and hiking. The campus also has an outdoor field to practice sports.

Day time activities. Skiing
Clubs, associations, teams, committees

The students with the best academic results are honored to be part of the Eta Sigma Delta Society, an international society for the most accomplished hospitality students.

César Ritz Colleges has The Student Ambassador Forum (SAF),  a committee of representatives chosen for and by students. The SAF is responsible for linking students with the school and campus, creating memorable events and activities requested by students. The school has multiple athletic teams and offers clubs of different interests: music, wine, and innovation. 

Music Club - CRCS
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