Our Core Values

Our core values

Our Core Values

As a leading global business education institution, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland has the depth of professional expertise required to offer higher education in hospitality leadership at the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Our faculty and staff are mindful to focus fully on our students and to live up to the promises of our core values in all aspects of our educational approach.

CRCS inclusive

Diversity and Inclusion: You Belong

We provide an inclusive place to work and study, one that is characterised by equality, diversity, and a sense of belonging for our community.”

Our vision of a unified community

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland  aspires to the highest standards of engagement with its community, students and staff alike, to create a “unified community”.

Our vision and actions place significant emphasis on creating an academic community that represents the social and intellectual diversity of the world. César Ritz Colleges vision is to deliver premium education and equip students with the necessary skills to succeed and lead in their future career in the hospitality industry and beyond while being fully aware of the opportunities of diversity.

What diversity means to us

Diversity is the policy of developing a community through inclusive practices that enables and incorporate people from a wide range of backgrounds, experience and identities to become active participants.

What Inclusion means to us

To us, inclusion is the creation of a respectful and safe environment, where staff and students with a wide range of experiences and identities can authentically represent themselves, characterized by a sense of belonging to a community which promotes open-ness, acceptance and empathy. Inclusion goes beyond “fitting-in mindset” which require our stakeholders to correspond in our environment. We advocate a ‘belonging approach’, we are working and  trusting that our environment will naturally come to fit everyone in their specificities.

Our Objectives for Diversity and Inclusion

As a higher educational institution our goal is to have a dynamic and structured approach to value Inclusion and Diversity. The benefits will be for students and staff alike so that they feel their ideas are welcomed and valued within the community. We work to leave a meaningful legacy in the world of education.

Where every type of learner belongs

César Ritz Colleges is proud of its unified community that represents the social and intellectual diversity of the world. Our legacy is an environment where everyone will naturally come to find their way to successfully study and work with their personality and specificities in learning and being. We support students to discuss their learning needs so that they can grow to their full potential. We value the diversity in cognition for what it is, an true value for the community.

CRCS Dress Code

In an effort to assure that all students feel equally considered in César Ritz Colleges’ culture, we created a new dress code that is much more inclusive and gender- neutral than in the past. Download our dress code. 

Code of Ethics

With over 50 nationalities on our campuses, we create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We continuously strive to build a culture of care, sincerity, and teamwork reflected by our Code of Ethics. We want César Ritz Colleges to be an inclusive place to study and we welcome our students to share their differences.

Since our studies are within the framework of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, CRCS also follows the precepts and articles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism from the UNWTO. All our classes, activities, and even our own Code of Ethics, have been designed taking into account the 10 articles of this global framework, and shared with our students, staff, and management.

Cesar Ritz Colleges Code of Ethics
Goats on the campus in Le Bouveret


César Ritz Colleges is committed to sustainability in various dimensions – environmental, social and economic. The College has a Sustainability Management Plan that is updated yearly, an Environmental Policy to guide all people working and living on campus to support our campuses to be environmentally sustainable and we choose three top priorities each year to help guide our initiatives

Find out more about how César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is making the hospitality industry more sustainable – one project at a time




Sustainable Development Goals

César Ritz Colleges includes the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its courses and business practices. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland believes that the decision-makers in hospitality and tourism should have a broad knowledge and understanding of the UN’s Sustainable Developments Goals, especially environmental sustainability. The school embeds the UN’s SDGs into every class to increase awareness of their relevance and application to professional practices in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

Green Globe Club

The Green Globe Club promotes awareness of sustainable practices within César Ritz Colleges, and its aim is to represent the entire CRCS student body in a positive, meaningful, and professional manner. The objectives of the Green Globe Club are to foster a spirit of sustainability among the student body, to coordinate the aims and purposes of the college regarding sustainable development and practices with those of the faculty and management, to promote school pride, to initiate and encourage student sustainability activities, and to ensure an equitable approach to promoting sustainability among all students, staff, and faculty members.


Soap making

Make your own soap with a local artisan in a nearby town in France. You'll learn about eco-friendly alternatives and how to build a narrative around products.

Beekeeping and harvesting honey

In term 3, learn how to take care of our very own César Ritz bees, collect the honey, and learn more about the environment, sustainability, and marketing. You'll get to enjoy tasty honey and reflect on how you can play a personal and professional role in preserving the environment. 

Sustainable Policy

Our staff and our students are very multi-cultural and have a wide array of backgrounds. Being based in Switzerland, which has a culture of its own when it comes to sustainability practices. Travelers to Switzerland notice how clean the country is. That is part of the culture and is the result of many practices that individuals and companies adopt. We strive to do our part when it comes to sustainability. The College’s Sustainability Management Plan ensures that we formulate, together with staff and students our goals in terms of reducing incinerable waste, energy consumption, and food waste. Each of these priorities has targets, drivers and activities that help us to achieve them. The College’s Sustainability Policy highlights guidelines, expectations and ways in which everyone can contribute.

Social Sustainability

An integral part of sustainability is also social sustainability this includes caring for stakeholders inside our institution (students, staff, faculty, administration) and also outside the organization (local partners, neighbors, social organizations). Each term, student activities raise funds for various charitable causes; dinners are cooked for local seniors and students contribute to local clean-up and restoration projects.

Core to social sustainability is also our deep desire for everyone to feel like they can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging on campus. CRCS welcomes everyone, from every corner of the world (we have over 40 nationalities), with learning differences, gender orientations, neurodiversity and recognizes that this enriches the learning environment for everyone. Our students learn how to work together in multicultural teams – they become leaders who involve everyone and embrace diversity. A great focus is also placed on mental health to support students to reach their highest potential and thrive in their lives and careers.

Carbon Footprint

César Ritz Colleges records and reports its Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The College is committed to reduce emissions from the buildings, electricity, and increase the usage of renewable power generated sources. César Ritz Colleges publishes its Carbon Footprint report here


CRCS carbon footprint


Equine Education

The Equine Leadership Workshop, a new leadership training offered to final -term students at CRCS. According to management training expert Sarah Krasker, who leads the workshops not only for CRCS senior students but for executive training programs in multinational corporations and international organisations around the world, the goal of equine-assisted learning is to facilitate emotional intelligence and related skills, competences, and behaviors. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions, while also recognizing and influencing positively the emotions of those you work with.

Horse leadership
Leadership Pillar Program

Our school partners with Harvard Business Publishing Education, part of one of the top universities in the world, to enrich this offering unique among hospitality and tourism schools and equip our students with essential skills to succeed in the global workforce. 

The Leadership Pillar Program focuses on three core learning components: Self-Awareness, Goal Setting, and Leadership Development. The program motivates students to develop their leadership vision through social and personal relationships and contexts as they progress through their studies. While the Self-Awareness component reveals personal traits for leadership development and awareness for balance in life, Goal Setting delves into topics and activities to create personal and professional focus and purpose. The Leadership Development component explores leadership concepts and competencies. 

Each program encounter may include a one-hour workshop on a selected topic or a one-on-one discussion between the mentor and student. In terms one and two, students have compulsory introductory sessions where they are challenged to develop self-awareness and goal setting skills. In terms three to eight, the LPP is in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Education, and participation is voluntary for our students. Each term, students have a leadership topic course to complete with in the program. 

The Harvard Business Publishing Education outcomes are: 

  1. Learning how to become an effective and inspiring leader by first defining your purpose and values and then creating the conditions for others to succeed. 
  1. Learning to navigate change and turn uncertainty into opportunity that benefits you, your team, and your organization. 
  2. Discovering how to add value by thinking big, challenging your assumptions, and identifying threats and opportunities. 


At the end of the six voluntary courses, students who successfully complete the requirements of the Harvard Leadership Bundle are awarded a Leadership Certificate and social media badge from Harvard Business Publishing Education. Students demonstrating exceptional commitment and outstanding leadership initiatives throughout the program are awarded the Leadership Excellence Award from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. 


Our Leadership Pillar Program assesses your innate leadership style through personal coaches who talk with you and administer various personality tests. They then meet with you multiple times in one-on-one sessions to help you define your purpose and vision, identifying your personal leadership strengths and areas for development. In the program, you will discover what uniquely sets you apart from your peers. Our experienced coaches have the right mix of hard and soft skills, and are ready to provide reflection, guidance, and feedback, and to motivate you to move to the next step. 

This program has unlocked the leadership potential of countless students by providing them with tools, mentorship, and creative options to pursue their careers and become change-makers in the hospitality and tourism community. Not only do faculty and staff engage in the program, but students engage in vital topics with successful business leaders, receiving first-hand insights from a variety of different experts in the hospitality and tourism industry.


Entrepreneurial at CRCS


César Ritz Colleges Switzerland opens up an entire new world of hospitality insights, skills, and experiences to you, equally true whether you’ve worked in hospitality previously or not. Our offering is on a global scale you could not have imagined as you worked in your home country.

We cultivate visionaries by opening students to new frontiers of the business of hospitality and tourism. César Ritz Colleges fosters your knowledge and creativity, sharpens your skills and strategic insights, and gives you the boost of confidence you need to become an entrepreneur in whichever business specialty you claim as your own. 

Our global economy requires entrepreneurs to constantly invent or update products, create new knowledge, and design better services to stay competitive.

  • Business Plan Competition
  • From Creativity to Entrepreneurship
Experiential Learning CRCS

Practical Teaching

Our teaching methods involve concrete experiences where students actively participate in an activity, and these active experiences lead students to test models or theories, apply their theoretical knowledge, and sharpen their skills for the future workplace.

  • Learn how to write beautifully on slate, to help promote your restaurant in a fashionable way  
  • Taste and learn about exceptional teas
  • Participate in a table setting competition
  • Wear an old age suit to learn how to empathize with senior citizens
  • Receive a Harvard Business Publishing Certificate for taking additional leadership courses


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