César Ritz Colleges Bouveret, a new member of Green Globe

César Ritz Colleges Bouveret, a new member of Green Globe

Cesar Ritz Colleges Bouveret has taken an active step towards sustainability.


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Here is the story. Monday of this week, on World Earth day our Directors Tanja Florenthal and Ivan Feij have committed for César Ritz Colleges Bouveret to take on an active step towards sustainability.

Leadership starts at the top as they always say. It’s true! Without commitment from our directors, projects like these would never see the day.

So begins the challenge to find the perfect balance between providing excellent quality in Culinary and Hospitality education while managing our impact on environment. More than a challenge, it becomes a quest knowing the consequences of our modern world and lifestyles. For César Ritz Colleges Bouveret, embedding sustainable practices in the every day life of the school makes all the sense in the world.

While the project is a great opportunity and stepping stone of our company’s culture, we want our students, who are the future leaders of tomorrow to take on this knowledge with them and spread better ways of doing business.

How are we going to do this?

We looked at different methods and it was decided tackle sustainability from different angles. Goes without saying, that interconnected thinking will have to integrate the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic factors.


Wine and Beverage Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Pairing wine with virtual reality


We know where we want to go.

We give ourselves the challenge to reach the prestigious Green Globe Certification by next Earth Day 2020. Ambitious? Sure! Following the steps of Mr. César Ritz in his time (a pioneer in luxury hospitality), we have no choice but to be drivers of change. We have a great heritage that must be carried on through the 21st century. We owe it to our past and also to our future.

Next step is to know our organization from the inside out.

Extensive research on our business patterns must be conducted. The process will take time, effort and collaboration from all staff. It is not easy to change paradigms and business practices of a company. The study will need to be thorough, identifying areas for development and best practices. Only then can start the process of establishing procedures that will set us on the right track.

This new project will help us not only to be more conscious about environmental issues as a company but also to raise awareness within the younger generations. Education is a powerful tool, we intend to optimize it by engaging in these types of practices.

Sure, some would say, “sustainability is like a drop in the ocean”. Well, we definitely want to contribute. Wish us luck in this very special new adventure.

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Sylvana Navarro is the Program Manager at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Le Bouveret campus.

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