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AcademicsTransferring from another university to pursue hospitality

From a very small town in southern Iceland, 22-year old Karítas decided to take advantage of Reykjavik University’s partnership with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, and transferred to Lucerne in October 2019. She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management double degree programme.

When I started my studies at Reykjavik University (RU), I decided to pursue Business Administration. I loved the school, but I was not very passionate about what I was studying. In my hometown of Reykholt, my family runs a restaurant, several greenhouses, as well as horseshows, and I have been working there from a very young age. Though I enjoyed working in hospitality, I had never considered studying it as I didn't think it was an option in Iceland. When my father showed me the programme at Reykjavik University in partnership with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, I was sold!

Discovering my path
In the following months I could not stop thinking about it until I eventually dropped out of Business Administration after finishing the first year, and applied for the Hospitality programme at Reykjavik University. I soon realised this was exactly what I supposed to be doing. 

Thanks to my university’s partnership with Swiss Education Group, my class travelled to Switzerland where we visited the five Swiss Education Group schools to determine which one would be the best fit.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland was the school I had my eyes on from the start, as I had heard amazing things about it. When I visited the schools I found that their academic programme also fit my needs the best, and the degree they offered was exactly what I was looking for. When I visited the Lucerne campus, I immediately knew I wanted to study there. Lucerne is a beautiful city and definitely one of my favorites now. 

Moving to Switzerland has been a rollercoaster, but something I will forever be grateful for. I have had so many opportunities to network and get to know people and companies from all over the world.  

Karitas Armann

Mapping out my future
My plans for the future are to finish my double degree next year, then hopefully I will either do further studies related to the industry, or go on to a Management Training Programme. I am passionate about this industry, so I am excited to see where this degree takes me as I keep my options open. 

Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management/Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management.


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