Alumni5 tips to ace that first job interview

Worried about that first job interview? Here's five tips from our alumnus Oren Gulasa, to calm your nerves and make a good first impression!

As the Director of Accounting and Human Resources for MSC Cruises' American office, Oren Gulasa has experienced a fair share of screening candidates for job interviews. He shares with us some insights on how to convince interviewers that you are the solution they've been seeking.

Studying at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland exposed me to different cultures as I met people from all over the world. This skill of being adaptable and relatable to people from different walks of life, is something extremely sought after by big corporations in today's global world.

  1. Focus on your strengths
    Before you go for your interview, identify five strengths and match them to the job description as advertised. Be sure to talk about what you're good at and most importantly, how it would benefit the company in the position you're applying to work for.
  2. Show enthusiasm
    As you're still new to the working world, chances are there will be certain aspects of the job that you might not have any experience with yet. At the interview, show your enthusiasm for the work and a willingness to take the rough with the smooth that comes with every job.

Make your enthusiasm known and show a genuine interest to learn, but don't cross the fine line between being excited and being over-the-top. You don't want the hiring manager to think that you'll accept any role that they offer to you.

  1. Know your weaknesses
    This is a tough one not just for a first timer! The last thing you should say is that you do not have any weaknesses because everyone has flaws! What recruiters are looking for in this question is how you faced an obstacle in the past and how you handled it. Be honest but don't mention essential skills that are required in the job you're applying for.
Hotel management graduate
  1. Being early is arriving on time
    Arriving late for a job interview tells prospective employers a lot about your personality and work ethic. For example, it can be an indication that you don't pay attention to important details or that you do not value others' time. You should ideally get to your interview 10 to 15 minutes in advance. This gives you ample time to mentally prepare for the interview. If you do get the job, do remember to maintain this punctuality on the job as well!
  1. First impression always counts!
    What you wear to an interview creates a perception of the type of person you are. This is especially important in the hospitality industry as a lot of jobs involve facing guests on a daily basis. Do your research and learn about the company ahead of time and dress accordingly. For example if the company's colours aren't too bright, you could wear a shirt or tie (for men) that matches their colours.

It's good to always match the organisation's dress code as closely as you can. If you can't determine the dress code pre-interview, be on the safe side and arrive slightly overdressed rather than underdressed.

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