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Hospitality, tourism and business on 3 campuses in Switzerland: César Ritz Colleges is inspired by the pioneer of luxury hotels, Mr César Ritz.

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From Bachelor degree to Master programmes, all your hotel management studies in Switzerland with César Ritz Colleges! Based in Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig, right in the heart of Europe.

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If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere: New York, New York!

If you ask Louise Johansson, Swedish César Ritz Colleges Graduate, you will need organization skills, patience and positivity to succeed in Manhattan’s hustling events industry.

New York City offers a unique experience to everyone that sets foot there. What is NYC to you?
It’s such a multi-cultural place, fast paced and has the most amazing brunches!
I absolutely love New York City! For me, it really is the way the songs and movies describe it.

I walk to work listening to Frank Sinatra and it still gives me goosebumps!

From small-town Sweden to working at one of the most up and coming event companies in New York City by 22! How did you land the job at Convene?
I was recruited during the Flight Hospitality Conference in Dublin last year. During the conference, I met someone who had a connection with the VP of Human Resources at Convene.

After an informal introduction, they thought I would be a good fit for the company and I had an interview then and there!

Moving across the world is a big decision, why did you believe Convene was the right professional choice for you?
In school, we were taught a lot about how important company culture is and the importance of matching your own values to that of your workplace. Convene’s core values are Genuine, Relentless, Integrity and Teamwork. Each one of these is something that resonates with me and something that I hold myself to every day.

In school, we were taught a lot about how important company culture is and the importance of matching your own values to that of your workplace.

What was the most valuable takeaway from your studies at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland that you carry with you today?
At César Ritz Colleges, I learned that just because you study hospitality, it does not have to mean that you will spend the rest of your life in a hotel. My education gave me the opportunity to grow, develop and explore the different aspects of hospitality around the world and I am very grateful to the skills I learned while in Switzerland.

What was the most valuable takeaway from your studies at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – that’s for sure!

What’s the best advice you received from a manager?
When I first joined Convene, my Service Manager told me to never forget that there is so much you can do in a year. I think about this often. My current contract is 1 year and I know that if I put my mind to it, the sky is the limit!

What makes Event Planning such an incredible job?
When it comes to events, there is never a day that is the same as the last. That’s what makes it so fun – you never know what the day will hold when you wake up.

And for someone that loves to be organized and around people, it’s a dream job because it offers a chance to build a relationship with the client and bring their thoughts and vision together, tie up the loose ends and turn it all into something amazing!

What advice would you give to current student interested in working in events?
Be observant, stay curious and keep yourself organized!

After this year is up, how do you plan to top this professional experience? What do you hope to do next?
So far what I know is that I want to stay working in events and to continue to discover more of this crazy, fascinating world! I plan to take this professional experience (the best I’ve had so far!) and expand my knowledge, see as much as possible and put it towards confidence in my work in my next role.