Student Stories: Best decision of my life!

Student Stories: Best decision of my life!

Tautvydas Jancevicius, a hotel operation specialist from Lithuania, graduated five years ago from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. Here, he shares why his choice to study at the school was the best decision he ever made.


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Tautvydas, a hotel operation specialist from Lithuania, graduated five years ago from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland


What led you to study hospitality at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland?

I graduated with a degree in economics and politics at ISM University in Lithuania, but soon realized it was not the professional path I wanted to follow. I decided to take several personality tests, which pointed me in the direction of the hotel and tourism industry because my strengths aligned strongly with customer service. Looking back, those tests didn’t lie!  

When I was looking to make the switch, I thought of Switzerland because I knew it was regarded as “the home of hospitality”. So, I applied to César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, was accepted, and moved to Switzerland. It was one of the best decisions I have made so far! 


How did you find the transition from Lithuania to Switzerland? 

As a teenager, I traveled a lot with my family and attended a number of summer English schools abroad, so moving to a new place wasn't difficult at all. Not to mention, Switzerland is excellent at accommodating, so from day one it felt like home. 


How did your parents react to your decision to study hospitality in Switzerland? 

After many discussions, my parents saw I was serious about the change and agreed that if hospitality was the direction in which I wished to go, then attending César Ritz Colleges Switzerland would be a wonderful opportunity. They view education as an investment and ultimately want the best for me, so they were happy and supportive with my decision to study in Switzerland.

What did you like the most about being a student at César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland?

I loved living and studying with students from all over the world and the way the study program was structured. Plus, waking up every day to breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps was amazing! 


Which classes did you enjoy most? 

I really enjoyed the class “Built Environment & Tourism in a Global Perspective” and of course, “Wine & Beverage” with its many tasting activities. Who would not like that?


What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your studies at César Ritz Colleges?

It is hard to pick just one. I learned about the philosophy of hospitality, to embrace teamwork and diversity and I developed a passion for the French language. But most importantly, I felt like I broadened my perspective on life and now hold a confidence that everything is possible with the right attitude.


What advice would you give to those who dream of studying hospitality in Switzerland like you did? 

If you are thinking of studying hospitality in Switzerland, my advice is to go for it! Use every opportunity to engage and connect with people and your surroundings. Every moment at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is an opportunity to learn something useful – so be proactive, stay present and observe every detail.

Tautvydas, a hotel operation specialist from Lithuania, graduated five years ago from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

Tautvydas Jancevicius graduated from César Ritz Colleges in 2017. He was a member of the Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society and a member of both the basketball team and the resident assistant team. He now works as the front desk supervisor at the Hyatt Paris Madeleine.

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