A year of achievements: César Ritz Colleges Switzerland takes a giant leap in QS Rankings 2024

A year of achievements: César Ritz Colleges Switzerland takes a giant leap in QS Rankings 2024

In the same year that César Ritz Colleges attained Swiss Federal Accreditation, the school jumped three levels in the QS World University Rankings—coincidence? We think not.

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By Swiss Education Group

QS Ranking 2024


César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is proud to announce a remarkable leap in our QS University Rankings 2024 to 3rd position among the world's institutions for hospitality management. This prestigious ranking underscores our unwavering commitment to providing a world-class education to our global student body.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in our history of educational excellence and is a testament to the dedication of our extraordinary faculty, as well as the innovative spirit we nurture among our students.

Dominic Szambowski
Dean of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

This jump from 6th to 3rd position can be attributed to the significant strides made in achieving Swiss Federal Accreditation, a milestone reached in October 2023. Such accomplishments not only enhance the prestige of César Ritz Colleges but also affirm the quality and value of the education provided. Tanja Florenthal, Executive Director for Quality Assurance for SEG, underscores the significance of the jump in rankings the same year Swiss Federal Accreditation was awarded, “The self-study and evaluation processes involved in the Swiss Federal Accreditation are thorough and drive a school to continually strive for improvement. Going through this rigorous process at César Ritz Colleges has evidently had a very positive effect on a larger scale.”


What makes César Ritz Colleges stand out from the competition?

Academic Excellence: Obtaining Swiss Federal Accreditation in 2023, CRCS steps into a new area of education bolstering its credibility, transferability, and opening doors to expand in research. "Our prestigious accreditation amplifies our academic recognition, fostering faculty, student and academic exchanges, participation in conferences, and contributions to research publications," says Dean Szambowski.

Industry Appreciation for Our Graduates: Our dual Swiss model, blending theory with practical experience, continues to yield outstanding outcomes for our students. Our collaboration with industry leaders ensures our curriculum remains at the forefront, enhancing student employability and career progression. This approach cultivates a business mindset in our students, preparing them to excel as leaders and innovators in the hospitality sector.

Commitment to Sustainability: Emphasizing sustainability in all we do has been pivotal. Certified by Green Globe since 2021, we are at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices in hospitality, preparing our students to be pioneers of sustainability in their future workplaces.

Innovation in Education: Our dedication to innovative teaching methods encourages creativity and critical thinking among our students, preparing them to challenge conventional wisdom and devise novel solutions to industry challenges.

International Research Center: César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is an international research hub in the industry with a strategy focused on advancing understanding of entrepreneurship and management in organizations. A transdisciplinary approach is deployed for extending research implications to business processes in the hospitality, tourism, and service industries

A Vibrant Community Culture: Our sustained excellence is the result of the collective efforts of our staff, students, and alumni from around the world. Life-long relationships are forged during these formative years and serve as a launchpad for a global career.


A New Chapter of Excellence

Achieving both Swiss Federal accreditation and 3rd best hospitality school globally by QS Rankings clearly defines a new chapter of excellence for César Ritz Colleges–one that the school is ready to embrace and pursue. The remarkable progress of César Ritz Colleges reflects our commitment to excellence in hospitality education. These recognitions represent not just an increase in prestige but a reaffirmation of the value and quality of the education we provide.

Regarding the QS Rankings

The QS World University Rankings are designed to provide independent quality assurance to the millions of students, parents, academics, and policymakers who seek to ensure that their educational, career, and strategic choices are data-driven.

You can find the full rankings for 2024 on the QS Ranking website
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By Swiss Education Group