Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Evelina Gillard

19 March, 2021

Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Evelina Gillard

Passing on her expertise as new master's program manager at César Ritz Colleges


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With a master’s in International Business Administration, a doctorate in Human Resource Management, and extensive experience across various industries, Dr. Evelina Gillard is perfectly positioned to pass on her expertise to students as master’s program manager and lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

An entrepreneurial mindset, innovative thinking, and an understanding of the importance of research in business development are all key elements in her approach to formulating a forward-thinking curriculum for students. She tells us a bit more about her career path and how it has impacted the development of the courses she supervises, including Business Start up, Hospitality Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management.


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Tell us a little about your studies and career paths before joining César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

I moved to Switzerland from France to complete my master’s degree in International Business Administration at the University of Geneva. I got my first paid internship in the treasury department at Valeo Group, a French car manufacturer, before joining the head office of a real estate investment firm in Geneva as an analyst, gaining extensive experience in luxury service management.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked across a variety of industries, including banking, automobile manufacturing, real estate investment, and luxury services, as well as at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and the Kempinski headquarters in Geneva, where I conducted research and developped the Corporate Development brochure for owners and investors.

What made you want to join the team and what is your role now?

I wanted to join César Ritz Colleges Switzerland because of its solid reputation in the hospitality school industry, and because the school actively promotes an entrepreneurial mindset. I head up the Master of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurship program, lecture, and do research when my busy schedule allows.

Your Business Research Methods module is very innovative. What can students expect?

This course underscores the value of research and how it can be used to enable smart business decisions and growth. Not only can research provide insights that support daily decision-making, but it can inspire strategic business development and innovation. This can help you outperform the competition in both the short and long term.

Leading brands such as Nestlé, Four Seasons, and Google draw on research to ensure continued success for their businesses. I highlight this to students, for them to understand how using research to seize business opportunities is an important managerial skill.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I am passionate about exploring the ways people can play a role in innovation, whether that is through cutting-edge research, strategic management, business planning, or seamless service.

Any advice for students starting off on their career path?

Keep on learning! Knowledge is the only resource that increases when you are using it. It is an excellent investment in your future, no matter which career path you choose.



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