The International Research Roundtable

The International Research Roundtable

Supporting Research in the Hospitality Business & Nurturing Future Leaders at the 5th International Research Roundtable.

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Hospitality business participants at the IRR 2023


About the International Research Roundtable  
The 5th International Research Roundtable (IRR), held at the picturesque Brig campus of Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, stands as a testament to the growing importance of research in the hospitality business. This biannual event has evolved into a vital platform where researchers, business leaders, and students in hospitality, tourism, and service organizations come together to exchange insights, knowledge, and ideas. The IRR not only showcases peer-reviewed original research but also serves as a springboard for students to engage in research, further emphasizing the indispensable role of research in this dynamic industry. 
A Confluence of Research and Practice 
The IRR provides a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between academia and industry in the hospitality sector. It is a hub where guest speakers, hailing from diverse backgrounds, present their meticulously researched papers, translational research findings, research proposals, and practitioner case studies. This convergence of research and practice is essential for the industry's growth and innovation. 

One of the key objectives of the IRR is to foster research on entrepreneurship and management specifically tailored to the needs of hospitality, tourism, and service organizations. It serves as a catalyst for the generation of knowledge that can directly impact the industry. The research presented at the IRR covers a wide array of themes, including leading in dynamic settings, strategies for enhancing service quality, and sustainability in operations. These themes reflect the pressing concerns and challenges faced by the hospitality industry, making the research presented at the IRR not just insightful but also highly relevant. 
Global Collaborations and Knowledge Exchange 
The IRR is a melting pot of scholarly talent, attracting participants from universities across the globe. This scholarly community, comprised of authors, reviewers, speakers, and organizers from 15 universities spanning 10 countries, highlights the global relevance of research in the hospitality industry. Collaboration among these diverse minds results in a rich tapestry of perspectives and approaches that enrich the research landscape in the field. 

Prominent institutions like the IE Business School in Madrid, EHL University, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute (HTMi), the University of Geneva, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hotelschool The Hague, and Washington State University, among others, have been active participants in the IRR. Their involvement underscores the international nature of the hospitality business and the need for research that transcends geographical boundaries. 

The IRR also encompasses a wide range of activities, including professional development sessions focused on talent management and leadership development. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for industry professionals to gain insights into best practices, while aspiring managers and students can explore career pathways and leadership strategies. 
Empowering Students Through Research 
One of the most compelling aspects of the IRR is its commitment to nurturing the research interests of students. It is a platform where students can not only submit their thesis research proposals but also gain exposure to the latest developments in the field. The IRR offers a rare chance for students to interact with seasoned researchers and industry professionals, helping them bridge the gap between theory and practice. 

For students, the IRR represents an opportunity to showcase their research and gain valuable feedback from experts in the field. This exposure is invaluable in honing their research skills and preparing them for future academic and professional endeavors. Moreover, it instills in them a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the industry, motivating them to contribute actively to its growth and development. 

Hospitality business participants at the IRR 2023

Keynote Speakers: Catalysts of Innovation 
The IRR is not just about presentations and discussions; it also features distinguished keynote speakers who bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table. Dr. Sergey Gorbatov, a recipient of the Best Paper Award by Personnel Psychology Journal, for his research paper Personal brand equity: Scale development and validation, addressed the audience at our most recent IRR in September 2023. He focused on the challenges of developing future-ready competencies in leaders. His thought-provoking speech triggered discussions that revealed the industry's evolving approach to leadership and work practices. 

In March 2023, Dr. Marianna Sigala of Sheffield Hallam University shed light on the value of practical case studies through student-led research. Her presentation emphasized the importance of aligning teaching methods with industry needs, sparking lively debates on the future of work in the hospitality, tourism, and service sectors. 

At another past roundtable meeting, Dr. Giuseppina Menconi, Associate Professor at César Ritz Colleges, led a spirited discussion of how hospitality, tourism, and service managers can make the best use of the metaverse. These managerial recommendations extended the line of thinking that she and Dr. Apostolos Ampountolas, César Ritz Colleges Associate Professor, developed in collaboration with Professor Gareth Shaw from the University of Exeter, UK, in a top journal, “Tourism Economics.”  Their well-accepted work furthers thinking around the future of online intermediation and the metaverse. Interested in learning more? Check out the paper and attend a future IRR to stay abreast of other cutting-edge developments and theories within our exciting industry!  
Looking Forward: Joining the IRR Community 
The IRR extends an open invitation to all those engaged in research related to entrepreneurship and management in the hospitality, tourism, and service sectors. It is a community that values contributions aimed at making the world a better place through research and innovation. As an incentive, the IRR pledges to plant a tree in honor of each participant, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. 

The International Research Roundtable at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland stands as a shining example of the pivotal role that research plays in the hospitality industry. It fosters collaboration, promotes innovation, and empowers students to be the future leaders of this dynamic sector. As we mark our calendars for the next IRR in March 2024, we anticipate more groundbreaking research and insightful discussions that will continue to shape the future of hospitality, tourism, and service organizations. Research is not just a part of this industry; it is its very heartbeat, propelling it forward into new horizons of excellence and service.  

Mark your calendars now for the 5th-7th March, 2024 for the next IRR. The call for papers and submission links will be posted on the EasyChair platform three months in advance. We hope you will join us.

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