Places to visit: Switzerland has something for everyone

Places to visit: Switzerland has something for everyone

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland students enjoy life while earning a degree in hospitality 

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For those who have a passion for people, a thirst for adventure, or a taste for high style and luxury, studying hospitality business management at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (CRCS) is a great opportunity to satisfy all your desires. While in Switzerland, our hospitality business students have extensive opportunities to explore Switzerland and Europe during the time spent studying for their degree in hospitality. And after graduation, a degree from CRCS opens the door to a wealth of international careers that will also cater to your passions. 

There is a wide choice of hospitality schools to choose from, so why do so many students choose CRCS? It could be its business degree programs, the link with César Ritz, or simply the legacy of excellence and its global reputation for a world-class education, validated by its QS ranking as one of the best hospitality schools in the world. One big allure is certainly the location. From the shores of Lake Geneva to the sunny Rhône Valley, CRCS offers a one-of-a-kind cultural experience and a true taste of the beauty that sets Switzerland apart. 

Switzerland has a rich history in hospitality, being the country that was best known for its Palace hotels throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, a golden age of luxury in Europe known as the Belle Époque. Train lines running along beautiful lakes and gorgeous views through the mountains ushered in tourists from around Europe, feeding the booming luxury tourism industry. Today, our students get to experience firsthand why Switzerland became a tourism hotspot in the first place.  

From east to west, Switzerland is essentially a tourist's playground. Very few regions can rival the allure of the Canton of Valais, where CRCS resides. Nestled between the majestic Swiss, French, and Italian Alps, this area is a year-round haven for visitors. Though most people associate snow sports and cheese with Switzerland, for those in the know, summer is its best-kept secret. (And you can still eat cheese!) 

Of all the places to visit, Switzerland has a few standout destinations in Valais, where the two CRCS campuses are located, and the neighboring Canton of Vaud, which offer an array of unforgettable experiences. 

Le Bouveret, where one of the two CRCS campuses is located, is a beautiful lakeside port village on the shores of Lake Geneva, minutes away from the French border. It is a popular summer resort and a haven for water sports. In summer, this little village offers a multitude of events like free concerts by the lake every Thursday evening, lakeside markets, the two-lake race from Le Bouveret to Taney, the International Steam Festival, and the Swiss Jet-Ski championships. It is also a popular destination on July 31st, where a spectacular fireworks show is held to celebrate the national holiday one day in advance. 

The other CRCS campus is in Brig, a charming cobblestoned village that is one of the last cities before climbing to the iconic Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland. The resort town of Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn, offers numerous ski slopes and hiking trails along old mule traders' routes. For hikers, the day-long expedition to the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is worth the long climb to traverse the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. A breathtaking experience not for the faint of heart! 

Not too far away from the campus in Le Bouveret is Montreux, known as the "Pearl of the Swiss Riviera." Famous for its annual jazz festival in the summer, its Christmas Market in December, and its stunning lakeside promenade, Montreux is a world-renowned cultural delight. Lord Byron, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel, and Freddie Mercury – all resided, at one point in their lives, in and around the region of Montreux. Discover Montreux's shops and cafes hidden in its charming, winding streets. Alternatively, enjoy a gourmet dinner on a vintage steamboat as it cruises Lake Geneva, where the panoramic views will leave you in awe.  

Night scene at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Nightlife at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Romantic historians may find themselves attending a concert in a Roman amphitheater or visiting the bisses of Valais. Switzerland is teeming with caves, castles, and convents to explore and lose yourself in the history of the region. A 30-minute walk along the waterfront from Montreux will take you to the legendary Chillon Castle, where François Bonivard, the castle's most famous prisoner, languished in the damp, below-water dungeon for six years in the 16th century to be later immortalized in Lord Byron's The Prisoner of Chillon poem. 

Our Gastronomes often spend their spare time in the vineyards of the canton of Valais sipping Swiss wine, another secret of Switzerland. Not many know that Switzerland produces exceptional wines because the Swiss tend to keep it for themselves, exporting very little. A Swiss rosé is also a perfect accompaniment with Swiss cheese and bread packed in a picnic destined for a hot summer day spent at one of the secret beaches along Lake Geneva. However, on a rainy day, the Nestle Alimentarium, with a focus on all things food, is a popular way to spend the day. From history and production, little-known facts, tips and tricks, and cooking demonstrations, this museum is a constant source of information and inspiration for students studying for a degree in hospitality.  

Those who love a more metropolitan vibe will find themselves further west along Lake Geneva, spending weekends in the trendy cafes and hip clubs of Lausanne or the luxurious Rue du Rhône in Geneva, where the world's top brands come together like the world’s countries of the United Nations, (also located in Geneva) satisfying the shopping needs of the most elite consumers. 

CRCS offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience these incredible destinations and delightful activities firsthand. As a student, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Swiss tourism industry while earning a degree in hospitality. CRCS organizes exciting excursions, allowing you to explore all the top places to visit. Switzerland and other highlights of Europe are right at your doorstep. For example, Milan and Lyon are just 3-4 hours away by car or train, which makes it easy for a weekend getaway! From hiking in the Swiss Alps to exploring the bustling cities of Paris or Rome, the possibilities are endless. 

Earning your hospitality business management degree at CRCS means joining a community that values tradition, encourages personal growth, and loves travel! Our dedicated teachers, with their extensive industry experience, are committed to promoting a positive and professional environment, nurturing your talents, and shaping you into a competent and confident professional armed with a reputable degree in hospitality.  

So, whether you dream of managing a restaurant, running a resort, or launching your own luxury lifestyle enterprise, a degree in hospitality from CRCS is your springboard to a rewarding career. Discover the history and beauty of Switzerland, live the legacy while embracing new cultures, and embark on your own journey of personal and professional growth while studying at CRCS. 

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