Student Stories: I love to help out and be part of a community

Student Stories: I love to help out and be part of a community

Mette is from Denmark and served as president of the Student Ambassador Committee at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland for two terms. Here, she shares why she loved the role, what it’s like to study in Switzerland, and her dreams for the future.

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Student life at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland


What led you to study hospitality at César Ritz Colleges?

I was interested in studying hospitality and learned that Switzerland was highly regarded for it around the world. So, I got in touch with Swiss Education Group, learned about the various schools, and then attended an Open Day


What’s it like living in Le Bouveret as a student?

I love the atmosphere in Le Bouveret because it's a small and cosy town where everyone knows each other. Even if you go to the local park or grocery store, you’ll always see a familiar face. Also, you can’t beat the spectacular views of the lake and mountains right from my window!  

My days are usually quite busy. I have one to three classes a day and in between I either study or plan ahead for my work at the Student Ambassador Committee. And then, of course, my friends and I try to travel around Switzerland and enjoy it as much as possible while we are here. So, it is safe to say that my life here is amazing! 

Mette enjoys playing scrabble with classmates

What is the Student Ambassador Committee?


The Student Ambassador Committee is formed of student representatives chosen by students who help connect students’ needs and ideas with teachers and faculty. We also are responsible for creating memorable events and activities for students.  

We have student ambassadors responsible for different areas, including event planning, social media management (I served as Communication & Social Media Ambassador for a term), and academic ambassadors who help students when they're facing a challenge. 

As President, I was in charge of managing all the different ambassadors. The role took up most of my free time, but I really enjoyed the responsibility. I liked helping out and being part of a community.


What sort of topics do you cover in class as a hospitality student? 


We’ve studied everything hotel-related including front-office management, wine and beverage, fine dining, and more. Right now, we are focusing a lot on economics and accounting. 

My all-time favorite class was “Rooms Division” because that’s the direction that I am most interested in pursuing, but I’m also excited for some courses that are coming up soon.

Having fun in the student lounge

What are your plans after you finish your studies?  

I would like to start my career straight away. I plan on starting out as a receptionist at a well-known hotel brand and then working my way up to the front office and, eventually, to Hotel Manager. I am also thinking of doing a master’s program in the future.

My long-term goal is to start my own hotel, with a small, family-like feel that creates a very personable experience for guests. For now, my main plan is to gather as much experience as I can and learn from the best.


What advice would you give to those who dream of studying hospitality in Switzerland like you? 

I would say that if you're passionate about the hospitality industry, then César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is the perfect place. Also, I would say that studying abroad is such a valuable experience and you will grow tremendously as a person. For me, studying in a country as beautiful as Switzerland has been one of the best experiences ever.   

Interested in studying hospitality at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland?

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