Student Voices: My experience with virtual learning

08 July, 2021

Student Voices: My experience with virtual learning

Adapting to a future that remained unclear. Chloe Roche shares what it has been like studying online.

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Chloe Roche


When COVID-19 first appeared in Europe and then Switzerland, none of us students knew what to expect. When César Ritz Colleges Switzerland decided to close its doors and move all programs online, I never anticipated it would last as long as it did.

Being a student exclusively online was a brand-new experience for me. I returned to my hometown of Les Houches in France as many others did. For the students who could not safely return home, they stayed on campus and continued their classes online.

It took some time to settle into my new routine and adjust to my surroundings studying and living at home with the rest of my family. Luckily, the faculty were quick to adapt and reorganize classes to suit online learning and find solutions to challenges that arose. My family and I were able to create routines that worked for all of us as we each found our rhythm. 

Being in a virtual learning environment has taught me many things and has given me the opportunity to balance my personal and academic lives more. However, just because I am in the comfort of my own home and in familiar surroundings, does not mean I can take a backseat in my studies. Quite the contrary! I have to make sure to organize my time well, stay vigilant and rigorous in my studies without a traditional classroom environment to push me, maintain a professional attitude, and multitask even more than usual. My choice to proceed with my internship virtually as well has meant my days are very full, but I love it!

Online learning

If I had to give advice to other students studying online, it would be one word: adapt.

Virtual learning has come with its share of advantages and disadvantages. I’ve missed the social contact with my friends at school, have struggled with the vagueness the pandemic has created, and have had to miss some great opportunities only available on campus. 

However, I’ve really enjoyed the balance online learning has offered me between my personal and academic lives. It has allowed me time to enjoy moments with friends and family closest to me while being able to pursue my passions and goals. I do hope though to return to the classroom in October to enjoy my last term and to celebrate graduation with my classmates.

If I had to give advice to other students studying online, it would be one word: adapt. To succeed in online learning you need to be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way, working in a very pragmatic and orderly manner. You’ll be better prepared for a career in hospitality because of it, since flexibility, adaptability, and persistence are all much-needed skills. 

And I’d say to try to make the best of the situation. Life is too short to complain. So, just do your best, enjoy the moment, and focus on your future. 

Chloe Roche is a third year student enrolled in the bachelor’s program at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. She will return to the Brig campus in October.

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