Research and Innovation

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Nurturing creative and curious minds

A commitment to innovation & research 

At César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, we prioritize innovation in all aspects of our curriculum and ground ourselves in research through the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Our intentional integration of the research process and innovative teaching methods help nurture your creativity and critical thinking skills and empower you to think beyond what is possible.

Experiential learning is a critical component of this commitment to an innovative, quality education for our students.  Through real-life simulations, participation in the research process,  industry consulting projects, and coaching by industry leaders, you have ample opportunities to test models and theories, innovate new solutions, and sharpen your knowledge and skills—transforming you into dynamic leaders of tomorrow. 

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We contribute to the advancement of knowledge through innovation driven by research on entrepreneurship, leadership, hospitality, and sustainability

Dr. Evelina Gillard

Head of Research & Research Faculty


Teaching innovation

We teach innovation through real-life learning

  • Simulations and experiences with industry-leading companies  
  • Real-life case studies 
  • Site visits to sustainable and innovative concepts such as the Igloo Hotel 
  • In-class challenges such as The Virtual Investment Challenge 
  • Relevant courses such as “From Creativity to Entrepreneurship” 

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responsible practices

We uphold responsible practices 

Every innovative idea must consider the wider environmental and social impact. That’s why our commitment to sustainability is upheld and promoted throughout our curriculum. Students are encouraged to create innovative solutions with sustainable practices at heart, such as reinventing student transportation on campus. 

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Promoting diversity

We promote diversity and inclusion 

We believe the best ideas emerge when people of diverse backgrounds and experiences come together. With over 40 nationalities represented on campus, our students learn how to work together in multicultural teams and become inclusive leaders who embrace diversity. 

How we foster innovation on campus

Innovation Week

For one dedicated week, work as a team to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems, then pitch your proposed solutions to a panel of experts. 

Innovation ClubInnovation module


How we foster research on campus

  • Workshops on business planning, quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • STR presentations and data access for hotel benchmarking
  • Applied research on business models with the industry partner Blue Horizon
  • Biannual roundtables for career researchers and practitioners passionate about entrepreneurship and management in service, hospitality, and tourism industries

Guiding principles of teaching, research, and academic services

Academic freedom, independence, and scientific integrity

César Ritz Colleges engages in teaching, research, and academic service in line with its strategic objectives. These activities are guided by the principles of academic freedom, independence, and scientific integrity, including reliability, honesty, respect, and accountability. 

Continuity of teaching, research, and academic service

César Ritz Colleges put in place a quality assurance system allowing to provide continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of teaching, research, and academic service results.  

Continuous improvement

The quality assurance system is oriented towards meeting the academic quality criteria set out by the principles and objectives of the European Higher Education Area.  

Systematic approach, transparency, and consistency

The quality assurance system ensures that César Ritz Colleges continuously meets the criteria applicable to student admission, performance assessment, and degree awards that are established in line with the mission of César Ritz Colleges as an institution of higher education. César Ritz Colleges establishes, communicates, and applies such criteria in line with the principles of a systematic approach, transparency, and consistency.