A bachelor's degree at César Ritz Colleges is the best investment my family has made.

A bachelor's degree at César Ritz Colleges is the best investment my family has made.



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Ekaterina student at CRCS

How was your overall experience at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland?

Getting a bachelor's degree at César Ritz Colleges was the best investment my family has made so far. We learned about every department of a hotel, and gained various soft skills. Meeting guest lecturers provided us with a strong network of professionals before even graduating. The knowledge and experience received have helped me to be more confident, focused, and motivated. 

Please tell us about your business plan. 

In César Ritz Colleges, the business plan - as part of Business Start-up module - is a great opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn to create industry analytics.

What were you expected to do and how did you approach the project?

My business plan was about opening a luxury restaurant. I worked every day scanning business plan examples from the college library, and scheduling interviews with industry professionals. I chose Zurich, then I researched the business regulations and registration processes there. I spent a day in Zurich taking photos and analyzing potential competitors in the target area. Finally, I spoke with chefs in Swiss restaurants to understand how the Swiss food supply works and to create a menu.

My teacher was amazed and happy with my project. I think the key to success was to truly like the idea, visualize it, and discuss it with people from the industry.

How will you use this experience to prepare for your future?  

I plan to pitch this business plan to investors in Zurich because César Ritz Colleges helped me to develop a very professional plan that includes everything needed to open a restaurant right away.

Ekaterina student at CRCS with business plan module

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