How I changed after my first internship

How I changed after my first internship


PositionExecutive Assistant, Emirates Speciality Hospital

SchoolCésar Ritz Colleges

ProgramMaster of International Business in Entrepreneurship




How did it feel to leave home and move to Switzerland?

Moving to Switzerland (Brig) and joining this program was an unimaginable dream – I stepped out of my life and discovered a whole new world.

Where did you spend your internship?

I accepted a role with Bergenstock Hotels and Resorts in Lucerne. I met them at the International Recruitment Forum, introduced myself, and left them my CV. It took me four hours and four trains to get to the one-hour interview conducted in German which made me very nervous. 

How did you change after your internship experience?

My internship was my first step out of student life and into serious life. It was very challenging in terms of physical work and adapting to a very different way of thinking.

The experience taught me a lot a lot about hospitality, operations, and teamwork, and how to work in a diverse cultural environment. Every single one of my experiences taught me so much and made me stronger.

What have you learned along the way?

I learned what it takes to become a leader. I could have never imagined how many opportunities are available to me now around the world,  all because of the decision I took to study in Switzerland.

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