A Leap of Faith will take you places

A Leap of Faith will take you places


PositionTerm 5

SchoolCésar Ritz Colleges


CountryUnited Kingdom

Student shares internship experience

My name is Dasha Butler. Having been born and raised in the countryside of Great Britain, of Russian and American parents, I have a very multicultural background. Growing up in these diverse environments and cultures instilled in me a deep appreciation for travel and learning about different cultures, fostering a genuine love for hospitality. 

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at Cesar Ritz Colleges in Brig. I have just completed my 5th term and am thrilled to embark on my second internship soon. 

I am drawn to the field of hospitality because it aligns with what I love to do. I have always had a natural interest in event planning, hosting guests from around the world, and generally providing exceptional hospitality. My parents have always encouraged me to pursue my passions, as it never feels like a chore. However, when I did some research and discovered the breadth of opportunities within the hospitality industry, I realized that doing what I loved could actually be a viable career choice. 

I chose CRCS for my hospitality studies primarily because of a personal connection I had with a student enrolled in the culinary arts program. They mentioned that Swiss Education Group (SEG) schools offered several business programs, which sparked my interest in exploring the hospitality field further. After researching and learning about the SEG and its various schools, I was particularly drawn to César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (CRCS) for its wide range of classes and courses. I wanted my degree to have a strong business foundation, and the dual degree program with Washington State University added immense value, especially in terms of international recognition. 

During my speech at the International Recruitment Forum (IRF), I aimed to convey the importance of taking a "leap of faith." I shared my personal experiences of moving to Switzerland to pursue my studies and embarking on my first internship at Amangiri in the desert of Utah. Each of these life events required a significant leap of faith on my part, and I wanted to inspire the audience, including recruiters, students, and staff, to embrace opportunities that may seem daunting at first. I encouraged recruiters attending the IRF to embrace their own opportunity to take a leap of faith and take a chance on impressionable students like myself. 

The most valuable aspect of the IRF experience for me is the networking opportunities it provides. The IRF is a unique event that offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry professionals. Attending the event and interacting with recruiters can provide valuable insight into the industry, regardless of whether you seek an internship or job. Establishing connections early on can prove beneficial in the long run, as you never know who your future employer might be or what connections you'll need down the line. 

To all students attending their first IRF, I advise you to come prepared. Print copies of your CV and create a list of the companies that interest you, noting their locations at the event in advance. The IRF can be overwhelming and busy, so having this information readily available will save you time and prevent aimless wandering. Additionally, prioritize your list of companies. If you arrive early at a company's booth, they may be open to conducting interviews on the spot. Therefore, be prepared to answer interview questions and have your responses well thought out before attending the event. 

As for my next step, I will embark on an internship at the Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort in Switzerland. I am excited to dive into Housekeeping Management Training, as I wanted to explore a different aspect of the industry from my previous experience in F&B. I believe that housekeeping forms the foundation of any hotel. I am eager to gain a deep understanding of its fundamentals. I am grateful for the opportunity to go on an internship, as it provides a refreshing break from academic life and the chance to establish a new routine.  


Dasha presents at the IRF
Dasha shares her story and internship advice at the International Recruitment Forum

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