My internship taught me the rewards of service.

My internship taught me the rewards of service.



SchoolCésar Ritz Colleges

ProgramBachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management

CountryHong Kong

Anna shares her story

Hi! I am Anna, 21 years old and from Hong Kong. I recently completed an internship as a Sales Specialist with Placement International in Barcelona. I served as the first point of contact for clients, specifically students and individuals seeking to enhance their careers by going abroad, often to the United States.

It was my primary responsibility to explain the program to clients and assist them in navigating through the program details. I served as their guide, helping them understand the program requirements and ensuring they were well-informed about the opportunities available to them.

The internship gave me valuable insight into the importance of communication in sales. I learned how to tailor my approach to different individuals, gaining essential sales and customer service skills. I also learned about teamwork and enjoyed working alongside my colleagues to foster a positive work environment. It made each day enjoyable and fulfilling.

Did your internship align with your initial expectations? If not, what surprised you the most about the experience?

Honestly, I didn't have many expectations since I hadn't previously worked in Europe or with an agency. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of communication I had with my manager. This access to my manager really helped me learn and grow throughout the internship.

One memorable experience I had was working with a client who was determined to leave their country and find a job abroad. We conducted mock interviews together to help improve their chance of success. It was challenging. I put in a lot of effort to guide and teach them. I was so pleased when, just before my internship ended, they secured a job! It was incredibly rewarding for both of us.

How did you handle challenging situations with guests or customers during your internship?

I have learned that, as a salesperson, it is important to approach each customer situation with care and empathy. For example, there were a few instances when a client needed to leave their country but was hesitant to do so. It was my responsibility to guide them, manage their expectations, and address their concerns. Patience, understanding, and effective communication were key in overcoming these challenges and helping them make informed decisions.

Lastly, based on your experience, what advice would you give future students pursuing hospitality industry internships?

I would advise embracing the beginning, as it can often be the most challenging phase. Adapting to a new environment, people, and circumstances can be difficult and frustrating, but patience and perseverance are key! With time, you will find yourself more at ease, enjoying the experience and making the most of it. Don't give up – the rewards are worth it!

Anna working at Placement International

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