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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland offers some of the most prestigious programs in hospitality and business management in the world. We focus on fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership, in an inclusive learning environment that values independent, visionary thinking through the application of the latest research and technology. 

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Why César Ritz Colleges is the best decision for your future

Choosing where to pursue higher education is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make, because the outcome will set your career path for the rest of your life. Of course, you want an educational experience that will give you the best chance to reach your potential and achieve your life’s goals. César Ritz Colleges, a global leader in hospitality education with a proven record of preparing some of the top leaders in the field, offers you that chance to excel. You join a close and exclusive network of school alumni who can influence your career for years to come.

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Enjoy these benefits when you join César Ritz Colleges

  • We teach you to be an innovator
  • We give you the skills and experiences you need to become an entrepreneur
  • We enable you to practice sustainability in all facets of your campus life
  • We develop your leadership skills
  • We get you career ready
  • We offer immersive learning experiences
  • We offer a premium global brand
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At César Ritz Colleges, our teaching includes creativity, innovation, and understanding of risk, a sense of responsibility, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.

Tanja Florenthal


Tanja Florenthal

Our Programs

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Tourism Management

4 YEARSFull time

 A program that blends the best of Swiss Excellence and the heritage of Ritz.

master of hospitality

Master Program

4 TermsFull time

This program offers you the tools to explore innovative business opportunities and maintain a sustainable and profitable business in today's challenging global environment.

Master of Science (MSc) in Leadership

Master of Science in Leadership


Lead with confidence! Develop your technical management abilities, improve your soft skills, and become a real change-maker as expected in top-leading positions in the global business arena

Grapes for wine harvesting

Certificate in Wine Business Management

10 weeks Part time

Industry Immersion Year

Industry Immersion Year

1 yearFull time

Discover the world of hospitality like never before and pave the way for a rewarding international career. Dive deep into the art of service, culinary excellence, and leadership, honing your skills through hands-on training and a practical, 6-month internship.

Stories from the community

We have built a global community of students, faculty, and alumni that shape the core of who we are. Our community comes from a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. This is our community and these are their stories. 

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Our campuses

A unique, multi-campus experience

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the sunny Rhône Valley, our campuses will provide you with a one-of-a-kind cultural experience and a true taste of the beauty that sets Switzerland apart.

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Meet the faculty

Our faculty comes from all over the world and represents a cross-section of industries. They are passionate about equipping students to think for themselves and take ownership of their educational journey. Their academic rigor and expertise prepare students for their future careers.