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Hospitality, tourism and business on 3 campuses in Switzerland: César Ritz Colleges is inspired by the pioneer of luxury hotels, Mr César Ritz.

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
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From Bachelor degree to Master programmes, all your hotel management studies in Switzerland with César Ritz Colleges! Based in Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig, right in the heart of Europe.

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Hotel management graduates hold prestigious jobs and positions around the globe. Our school will kick-start your successful career!

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Learn From the Pioneer of Luxury Hospitality

Swiss hospitality traditions combined with a top business management education; this is your life as a student of César Ritz Colleges.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Graduate StoriesIvan Cukon

"César Ritz Colleges gives you the key that can open many doors."

Graduation Year

Investments and Development Projects Specialist Valamar Riviera d.d. in Croatia


"I am currently working in the Investments and Development Projects department of the Valamar Group, Croatia’s leading tourism company. My role includes the analysis of various businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector to determine potential opportunites for mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, I coordinate the orchestration of strategic investment plans for the group, the reorganization of managerial structures, the repositioning of old properties as well as the development of financial projections.

Some of the highlights of my career include one of the largest mergers in the tourism sector in Croatia, the development of a 10 year business strategy for Valamar and the in-depth business performance analysis of the group’s major competitors.

Two of the most important skills that the school taught me are critical thinking and the ability to build a professional network.

My advice to aspiring hoteliers is whatever you choose to study, specialize yourself in an area that is interesting to you and be the best you can in it. Most of the time, students don’t know what to choose and they go study a little bit of everything. But it has been shown that employers are looking for people who have exceptional knowledge and skills in a particular area, rather than average knowledge in many.

César Ritz Colleges gives you the key that opens many doors but it's up to you whether you are going to open any door, and if you do open one, it is again up to you to choose which door you are going to open.

And when it comes to my job as long as I learn something new every day and develop myself further, I will keep doing my job."

Updated 2015