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Hospitality, tourism and business on 3 campuses in Switzerland: César Ritz Colleges is inspired by the pioneer of luxury hotels, Mr César Ritz.

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
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From Bachelor degree to Master programmes, all your hotel management studies in Switzerland with César Ritz Colleges! Based in Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig, right in the heart of Europe.

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Hotel management graduates hold prestigious jobs and positions around the globe. Our school will kick-start your successful career!

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Learn From the Pioneer of Luxury Hospitality

Swiss hospitality traditions combined with a top business management education; this is your life as a student of César Ritz Colleges.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Graduate StoriesStjepko Devcic

"César Ritz Colleges gave me the keys to open many doors on my career path."

Graduation Year

Market Manager Atlas DMC in Zagreb, Croatia


"When I was deciding on a career path, I considered the resources of my home country, Croatia, its unspoiled nature – sea and islands, and thought that I would like to be a part of the tourism industry. I also like to make people feel good and happy and the hospitality industry revolves around people, so it’s the best industry for me to be in.

My education gave me knowledge that was specific to the industry and the personal challenges I would face in my career. It was an eye-opening experience with the most important factor, in my opinion, being the international and intercultural nature of the study.

The lecturers were really interesting and shared with us their personal experiences in the industry.

Following my studies, I started working as a consultant in the Zagreb office of Horwath Consulting HTL, the leading specialist for the Hotel Tourism and Leisure industry in Croatia. This led on to my current role where, I am in charge of acquisitions of new partners in the Russian and CIS, Italian and French markets, searching for tour operators, specialized agencies and other agents selling Croatian tourism products in emerging markets.

My advice for aspiring students, is to not hesitate to try different aspects of the industry in order to find the part you like best. It is important that you love what you are doing, especially in the hospitality sector, where long hours are the norm. It is important once you find your niche to focus, specialize and grow to to be amongst the best at what you are doing."

Updated 2013