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To help candidates make better-informed decisions about their graduates and undergraduate studies, the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Rankings evaluates 1,110 educational institutions on key aspects such as academic and employer reputation. For this year’s edition, QS Rankings surveyed over 83,000 academics and 42,000 employers globally and published its 2019 findings on February 27th.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland was ranked one of the Top 20 higher education institutions in the world in the Hospitality and Leisure Management category and one of the Top 10 in Switzerland.

We proudly see ourselves on these rankings, and do our most to carry the legacy of the legendary and innovative entrepreneur, César Ritz, who more than 100 years after his passing, still inspires new generations of hospitality professionals. While focusing on excellence, empathy, and continuous improvement, the very essence of hospitality, we also see the remarkable value our students are offering across an ever-growing range of industries around the world.
Max Behesht, Academic Dean at César a Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Lucerne

The Swiss-born “king of hoteliers, and hotelier to kings", César Ritz left a lasting legacy thanks to his pioneering approach to luxury hospitality. This «Ritz-Philosophy» was characterised by complete satisfaction for every guest, anticipation of changing trends, luxury and creative cuisine.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is proud to continue this tradition of excellence and innovation and aims to combine ‘Ritzy’ Swiss hospitality education with a contemporary American/British approach to business management and entrepreneurship. The pedagogical methodology blends both research-based and hands-on learning, where students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through industry master classes, visits to local businesses and real-life projects.


QS Ranking CRCS, best school worldwide - Cesar Ritz


To foster their aptitude for entrepreneurship, students learn how to create their own business plan, develop research skills to explore innovative business opportunities and acquire the knowledge and tools to help maintain a sustainable and profitable business.

The campus is situated in a former hotel in the heart of Neuchatel, a dynamic university city, and welcomes around 200 students from over 50 nationalities. Staff knows everyone’s name and strives to offer personal attention and guidance to each student, creating a close-knit and supportive community.

A “Learning locally” initiative has been introduced in partnership with the school’s industry partners to explore the subject of eco-entrepreneurship. Students learn about responsible sourcing at a local producer of luxury caviar and witness the complete process from “farm to table”. They discover the art of organic soapmaking in neighbouring France and realise the importance of minimising the environmental impact in manufacturing. The campus also keeps its own beehive that students maintain themselves, getting an incredible experience of being close to nature. The harvested honey is served to the school’s guests.


QS Ranking CRCS, best school worldwide - Cesar Ritz


This interactive and engaging approach to education has helped César Ritz Colleges Switzerland rank as the Number 1 Hotel School Overall Worldwide in the i-graduate global index ISBSB and THE-ICE 2018 ISBSB Global Index. tThe ISBSB is the leading global benchmarking tool used to track the student experience from arrival all the way to graduation. Every year, 3 million students from 1,400 universities, colleges and other educational institutions are surveyed to gauge and results are benchmarked against all institutions within the Global Index.

This result, based on the feedback of the current César Ritz Colleges Switzerland students, is a telling indicator of the quality of the school’s academic programmes, support services and campus experience.


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